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Our Caregivers


We, at Shekinah Home Care know that our caregivers are our greatest asset. All our caregivers are instilled with our core values of quality, compassion, respect, dignity, trust, enthusiasm, and honesty. By upholding those qualities we ensure that each and every caregiver understands that compassion is more than a job, it’s a way of life!


We know that opening your home to another individual is difficult and finding care for a loved one is even more of a challenge, which is why we are committed to superior and rigorous screening standards. To ensure that you receive the utmost quality, proficiency, and professionalism we conduct the following processes for every caregiver:


  • Pre-qualification to determine skills and experience

  • Application process for establishing interest in our corporation

  • Competency testing to verify that necessary standards are met

  • In-depth interview to discover an individual’s ability, potential, and commitment

  • Verification of license and/or certification in accordance with state laws and requirements

  • Background checks, drug test, and state health screenings (TB)

  • Orientation and matching caregivers to clients

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